Bicycles and Motorbikes in Yangshuo

We have had a few questions from people asking about renting or buying motorcycles in Yangshuo. So this post is to answer such questions. Motorcycles and bicycles are very popular in Yangshuo. Getting a motorcycle or scooter in Yangshuo is very cheap and easy. If you have a Chinese license all you need is money and you can go to a motorbike store and buy what you need. If you don’t have a license you are in luck because you can still get your hands on a scooter. Scooters are perfect for Yangshuo as you can get around quickly and cheaply. You can also go into the mountains and visit towns that are too far away to cycle to. When buying a scooter under 50cc you don’t need any documents just money. These gas powered scooters will set you back 3000-4000 rmb, which is considerably lower than the price of such an item in the west. You can also rent a scooter for around 100rmb per day.


Trip to Dragon Bridge

Bicycles can be picked up very cheap around Yangshuo. You can buy a good mountain bike(Giant) for around 1500-2000 rmb and even a cheaper bike on for a few hundred. There are many bicycle rental stores in Yangshuo and they can be rented for 7rmb for a very simple bike or 30+rmb for a more robust mountain bike.

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