Outside the Classroom

Learning Chinese in China can be a big change for many people. Moving to another country with different culture, traditions and food is not easy. At Omeida we understand this and we make sure you feel at home here in Yangshuo. A great way to do this is bring our students and teachers together outside the classroom. We think of our school as a family. We are here to help people learn and the best way to learn is in a relaxed and comfortable environment. If our students are worrying about simple things when they should be thinking about learning Chinese they won’t have such a good time. Yangshuo is perfect for this, when you want to relax you can get your friends together and head for the hills.

Things to do in Yangshuo

Lovely day out in Yangshuo

If people don’t have the time for a full day out exploring there is also great ways to have fun and learn at the same time. One of the best is to play games such as mahjong or Chinese checkers. You can also learn Chinese calligraphy, eat a meal or sing your heart out at KTV (karaoke). Eating meals in China is a very social activity. Unlike the west everyone shares dishes. This makes for a more inclusive atmosphere with everyone scrambling for a good piece of beer fish.

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