Out and about Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a great place to go. There is always things to do here. Whether you come here to learn Chinese, rock climb or just for a short holiday you are bound to make some great friends. Here at Omeida many of our students have made good friends that they keep in contact with when they return home. A great thing to do here is find a partner or two and go exploring the countryside. This is a very relaxing experience but it is also very rewarding. You will be taken aback by the magnificent limestone pinnacles that spring from the land in a way unseen elsewhere in the world. The local villagers will welcome you with open arms and it is not unusual for a local elder woman to walk around and explain the local village/area to you. This can be utterly fascinating if you are in the company of a Chinese speaker who can translate, otherwise you can just nod your head along and try to take in what they are showing you.

There are also many fine drinking establishments in Yangshuo for when the weather gets bad or the sun sets. You can find some great spots and some not so great spots. Along West street there are many Chinese clubs that are very loud and very expensive. This can be okay for a night of silliness but when it comes to real good experience you cannot go wrong with DEMO bar on Gui Hua lu. This bar has a good selection of beers and even a cake or two. The owner is an excellent drummer and you can catch great jam sessions here with local musicians. If you happen to play an instrument do not hesitate to start a jam with the guys here. They have a keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass as well as a drum kit and some bongos. They have a soccer game every Tuesday at 7pm and a quiz Thursday nights which is always fun. For a more club like atmosphere Mojo is a good place to go. It plays good Hip Hop with other music thrown in for good measure. There are even Rumors of a bouldering wall being installed on the roof which would be super awesome!

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If you want to spend your day hanging from a cliff or learning the beautiful movements of Tai Chi, Yangshuo is a undoubtedly a leader. Yangshuo is fast becoming the premiere destination for rock climbing in Asia. There are also many Tai Chi masters here that will teach you the finer points of this ancient art form. Here at Omeida we always choose Black Rock Climbing Club for our climbing trips. They know how to make us feel safe and comfortable on the rock and always make sure we have great memories to take home. At Omeida we have weekly cultural lessons including calligraphy and paper cutting. Great fun and a great way to experience Chinese culture.

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