Why learn Chinese

Facts and Figures

  • China has a population of 1.4bn
  • 845 million people speak Mandarin as there first language
  • China is the world number 2 economy
  • China has a rich culture and history dating back more than 5000 years

Do it yourself!

“If you want something done right do it yourself” or so the old saying goes. If you are interested in doing business in China, learning Chinese culture or history. You can get by using interpretors, English books etc. but to really understand whats going on you need to learn the language. This will give you the freedom to travel and mix with Chinese people without worrying about having a bilingual friend. China is a fascinating place with a booming economy. There are many opportunities for people here and you can get by without the language. With a knowledge of Chinese language you have unlimited potential.

Chinese is TOO difficult! 

Learning Chinese is surprisingly easy. Like any language it takes time and effort but there are many characteristics that allow the beginner to dive in head first. When learning English you have to learn tenses for example eat, eaten, ate in Chinese there is just one word 吃 Chī. Also there is no messing around with plural words like there is in English. Cactus, cacti man,men etc… There is just one word for example dog is 狗Gǒu and dogs is 狗Gǒu.

Immerse yourself

A great way to learn Chinese is to go to China and learn Chinese in the best place possible. Here at Omeida Chinese Academy we offer great tuition at a great price. Since we are not located in a big city we can have low prices and a relaxed environment. Why spend your time off rushing around Beijing or Shanghai when you can be cycling around the idyllic scenery of Yangshuo, China. Yangshuo is a mecca for rock climbing in China. It is easy to see why when you glance skyward at the limestone peaks surrounding the town. Yangshuo is truly a great town. Check out our other posts about Yangshuo 

Study Chinese in Yangshuo

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