Night out in Yangshuo with Omeida students

Last Saturday some Omeida students decided to go out for some drinks in Yangshuo. We went to Mojo rooftop bar on west street. Mojo has a good DJ and some great games. Our students decided to take part in the Mojo beer pong tournament. Everybody had a great time even though they played music awards on the big screen like every other night 😛

Bars Yangshuo

Mojo Rooftop bar

Mojo Yangshuo

Yangshuo Belly slide

Later on as the night progressed we had some great games of Foosball. After some time it began to rain. Then it began to rain very very hard and some students wanted to enjoy the refreshing feeling of the Yangshuo rain. Then some students started to slide accross the Mojo stage on there belly. Everyone thought this was funny and everyone in the bar was watching and taking photos.


Beer Pong at Mojo Yangshuo

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