Intense relaxation at Longsheng Rice terraces

When asked did I want to accompany Nagz(Chinese langauge student) and May(English language student) to the Longsheng rice terraces in northern Guangxi I was hesitant. I was happy sitting in Yangshuo chilling in bars and being lazy. Another reason was that I did not want to spend hours on a bus. I decided it would be good to go for the change of scenery.

I met May and Nagz last Saturday morning at Tiffany’s hostel beside Omeida Chinese Academy. After some Yogurt we set out on our trip. We drove from Yangshuo about 3 hours to get to our destination. We then changed buses to go to see a show by local minority people. The Yao minority are distinctive because they grow there hair very long. When we got to our stop for the show we had to get off the bus and cross a very bouncy food bridge. This was a good start and some people were very scared of falling to the river below. We went into an old local house, had a look around and took photos.

Huangluo Yao Village

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We then went to a big hall. It was made of wood and had a stage for the performance. We went to a high platform at the back where we had a great view of the show. The entertainers put on a good show and even gave us a bowl of strange local food. It was like rice crispies in oil. We were so hungry we ate it all. It is local tradition for girls to pinch the bottom of the man she likes. When we left the show we were treated to rice wine and even had our bottoms pinched by a bunch of girls, which was a good laugh. We then crossed another bridge and proceeded to the next spot.

Ping An

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This time we were in for a hike. We went a little up the mountain over a wind and rain bridge to a place we could get some food. The food here was not great but we were hungry so we ate nearly everything. While sitting here we had no idea what to expect. It was very foggy and we could not see the rice terrace. Nagz asked what was the point of going up. We did not know how high we would have to go. Maybe 5-10 minutes. We were wrong! We kept going and going and we could see beautiful scenery along the way. The weather even cleared up a bit. Nagz and I ever got dressed up like traditional princesses for a laugh. There was a crowd of Chinese people trying to get pictures of us. After that we kept climbing until we got to the viewing point. The clouds were covering the scene so we thought we would return to the bottom. We hung around for a little while taking pictures of cats. I luckily went back to the platform and the clouds were gone. The view was stunning so we got our cameras and started taking pictures.  After a while we decided to go back down, happy in the fact we got to see the awesome rice terraces. This part of the rice terrace was pretty commercial and there was many people trying to sell us souvenirs. The buildings were not very traditional but it was great all the same. Now we had to get on the bus to see the next area.


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We were left at the side of the road by our bus and had to wait for a while for a local bus to take us to the next rice terrace. After throwing stones in the river and singing songs we got restless. Our bus was taking too long! We saw a nice car and Nagz put out his thumb. They turned out to be government officials and they brought us to our destination. Great guys. When we got there we were hungry and a little tired. We saw a kind of ski lift. It was 70rmb so we decided to take the hike. The hike was amazing we slowly got to see the rice terraces unfold beneath us. We found out that this place was far less touristy. All be buildings where constructed of beautiful wood. The lack of tourists definitely made the experience better. We took pictures at the top and then got some food. It was very tasty and we got some beers for afterwards.

The next day we got up around 8 and had some breakfast. Great rice noodles with tomato and egg. We then went on a different hike to the bottom of the mountain. We wandered through dense bamboo forest and saw some great people working in the paddy fields. It was really beautiful and a little wet. When we got to the bottom we realized we missed a scenic spot. So we had coffee and enjoyed the wi-fi before going back to see spot number 2.

It was definitely worth it and when we got back down we treated ourselves to more great food. For here we walked a short while back to get a bus to the park entrance and from there another bus to Yangshuo. While here we started hearing rumors of a landslide. hmmmm landslide? Was this real or did the bus drivers just want our money. After a while we decided to get a minibus to the landslide and walk over it to get another bus to our bus station. This was a good little adventure. We finally arrived at the bus station and after a short delay we got on the bus to Yangshuo.

I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Longsheng it is amazing. If you are short on time go straight to DaZhai which is the last stop.

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