Great food in Yangshuo #1

Studying Chinese is hard work! So it is really important to get the right fuel to feed your hungry body. For one thing there are many restaurants in Yangshuo. So over the next few weeks I will try to help your navigate the minefield that is eating in China. I will try to recommend at least one place every week but hopefully more

The first place is a tiny establishment beside Omeida student No.1 dorms. It is called 10kuai by the teachers at Omeida. Here is a map to it from Omeida Chinese Academy 

Yangshuo food

Directions from Omeida to 10 kuai

10 kuai is really great and I eat here maybe 3 or 4 times a week. The way it works is genius! You take a plate and put a piece of what you want on it from a large selection of vegetables and meat. Then the chef takes a handful of each ingredient and creates a delicious plate of fried food. This is the perfect place for vegetarians as you can choose vegetables and tofu and you know it wasn’t cooked with meat.

Yangshuo food

A selection of the fresh food available

If you cannot find it or would rather eat with a friend drop into Omeida, someone will most likely be eating there that day.

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