Summer time in Yangshuo


Summer time is a busy time here at Omeida Chinese Academy. We have more students during the summer and we also want to make the most of the sun. During the day it is just too darn hot! so what can you do to relax and cool down? How about a swim in the Yulong or Li river. The Yulong is the smaller of the two and has many places where the water is very shallow. The Li is a bigger river and if you are not a strong swimmer I would recommend starting out in the Yulong. The main thing is to find a spot where there is not so many boats. Unless you are a good swimmer don’t swim alone as if you get into trouble it could be dangerous.

Omeida Chinese academy

We don’t here but this is the size of the Li river


When the weather gets hot people split the day into two. Kind of like the Spanish siesta people will rise early get breakfast and maybe was some clothes then for the hottest part of the day they will go and take a nap. Its pretty cool since you don’t have to struggle through the hottest part of the day. Although you can just as easily go for a refreshing swim. When its this hot try to wear a hat as much as possible and use suncream.

Since mid day will find you hopping from shadow to shadow. The summer nights are much better. You can find a relaxing cafe outside the town center to read or study. Or you can go for a meal with some friends which is alway a nice thing to do for an evening. Other than that you can head to a Yangshuo bar for a refreshing beer or soft drink. Recommendations include Demo Bar on Gui Hua lu for a chilled out atmosphere with great music ranging from reggae to live rock and roll. The live shows happen more often as summer travelers from all around the world jump on stage to show off there skills. This makes for a nice mix of styles.  Rumors are spreading that the guys in Demo are using their top secret lab to develop pizza recipes but as of right now this is all just speculation. Mojo bar is another choice which has foosball and a pool table. It is a roof top bar and gets quite a few customers in every day of the week.

Yangshuo Bar

Johnny, South African Rob, Flup and Ian rocking out at Demo

If you are interested in learning Chinese in China. You should check out our school. You can enjoy all the great things about Yangshuo and also increase your Chinese skills by spending a summer abroad. We have very flexible courses and you can start on any Monday of the year.






Learn Chinese in China with Omeida

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