Great food in Yangshuo #2

When I first got to China it took a while for me to get used to the food, among other things. I ate mainly at the Omeida canteen during the first week and after a while wanted to see what else was on offer. This is difficult in a town where dog is eaten. Before coming to Yangshuo I looked up restaurants on Wikitravel and came by a place called Gans noodles. This was described as a hidden gem in Yangshuo. Luckily it was located between my school and my dorm.

Omeida Yangshuo

Omeida to Gan’s

Although I have not eaten everything available in Gan’s, what I have tried has been great. Dumplings are a specialty at Gan’s and are a must try. They come in at less than $1 for a portion and they are perfect for sharing with friends. In my personal opinion they must be eaten with a mixture of red chili sauce and soy sauce. This should be mixed up in a small sauce bowl.

Yangshuo Food

Gan’s famous dumplings

Noodles are also a specialty at Gan’s and are truly delicious. It can take some time to prepare but you get to see the old master Gan prepare the noodles from dough by hand. Noodles here come in two varieties. Sliced noodles which are cut from a big lump of dough or hand pulled noodles which are made in the traditional way. My top choices are noodles in pork sauce and stir fried noodles. Stir fried noodles come fried with pork, beef , vegetables or egg.


Gan’s delicious pork sauce noodles

Neither Gan nor the other staff speak very good English but there is English menus and they are always a cheery bunch, they will be more than happy to help you.


Study Chinese in China at Omeida Chinese Academy

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