Country side dinner

Last Sunday a Swiss student and I were invited along to have dinner with the school principal and members of the Yangshuo fire brigade. Free dinner ! Great ! Anyway I quickly made my way to Omeida English College and met the guys. To my surprise Our Swiss student Gaelle informed me that it was a swimming trip. I had no trunks and I am not the best swimmer so it didn’t bother me too much. After a short drive south of Yangshuo along the Li Jiang river we turned down a gravel path I had followed once before. It was in a really great place but I had never followed it down to the river, instead taking a dirt road through the villages. An equally great journey I might add. When we got to the river I was very surprised, there was a hotel and some dinner table laid out. It was all very pretty, the fact it hadn’t been over commercialized was a nice break from Yangshuo town. The views were great. Odar and Gaelle jumped in the river for a swim(race) and I wandered around looking at the wonderful scenery.

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After this we were brought a feast including more than 6 dishes maybe 8 or 9(picture in slideshow). It was great the food was delicious and the guys were practicing their English with us which was good fun. These guys had a good sense of humor and asked us questions about our home countries etc etc. We also drank many glasses of beer. The views were great, I really wished I had a better camera but you can get some idea from the slide show.


Chinese language courses at Omeida Chinese Academy

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