Onsight Yangshuo: cycling in style.

Cycling in Yangshuo goes back years. Enterprising locals have for years rented bikes to tourists who want to explore the wonderful karst landscape of Yangshuo. Nearly every outfit is the same here. Same bikes, same price and same problems. When I first got to Yangshuo I went for a cycle with friends. While it was good fun it was a little troublesome. Everyone chose the simple bikes with no gears except for me. I went with a mountain bike. Hey I’m cool I wanna do cool jumps and hit the trails. Boy was this a mistake. The bike was heavy and not well maintained. The other bikes creaked and groaned from old age but they weren’t as bad as this.

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When people come to yangshuo they think its great to go on the trails. And I agree it would be awesome but for that you would need a high end bike and it’s simply not possible here. When I saw Onsight I was immediately intrigued. Colorful bikes, beautiful beach cruisers and old school classics from a time gone by. These bikes really are great and while you pay a bit extra I feel it is well worth it. Cycling is about freedom, the feeling of rolling effortlessly on asphalt and exploring new places. Not trudging along with a few friends, one with a flat tire and another with bad brakes, then you of course with a squeaky frame.


Onsight also offers an array of extras. This is one of my favourite things. All I need to do is rent a bike and I get awesome service. Free pick up, coffee along the trail, noodles, water and beer. If you are only in Yangshuo on holiday you need to make the most of it. And thats possible with Onsight.











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