Weekend fun at Omeida

Last weekend we were blessed with some really great weather. And of course our students made the most of it. Dave(English teacher) and I went for a climbing trip to Twin Gates. We met an other English teacher and local girl there and had some fun on the rock. Since I have not climbed in a while I just kept myself to the easier routes and had some fun. Dave being allergic to bee stings was a little worried that there was a small hornet swarm on one of the routes. I assured him Chinese hornets don’t sting and he easily topped it. Can anyone please tell me if they sting or not because I don’t want to kill anyone! Anyway before I set off I bought water, this water magically vanished when I looked for it at the crag. Climbing with no water is downright stupid and I left the cool shade of twin gates cave and went to get some water. After this we got on another route and took it easy.

If you are interested in Rock Climbing in Yangshuo. Check out Black Rock climbing on Gui Hua Lu. You will be ensured of a great day out!

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Other Chinese language students went for a cycling trip Saturday and topped it off with a nice swim. Summer in Yangshuo is when everyone gets into the river for a swim, many people can be seen with tire tubes heading to the Li Jiang or Yulong rivers for a relaxing dip. But please remember swimming in rivers can be dangerous and you should make sure you have other swimmers present.

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Study Chinese in China at Omeida Chinese Academy, Yangshuo. 

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