KTV and Tea plantation in Yangshuo

Omeida staff and students decided to go to KTV last Friday night. KTV is a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone coming to China. For those who don’t know what KTV is it is karaoke. A group of people rent a room with a big screen and some microphones and sing the night way. Ad some beers, nuts and melon platters and you complete the experience. We drank the beers pretty quickly and it turned out Nagz is actually a great singer. After the beers some strong Chinese rice wine found its way into our possession. After we finished off two bottles of rice wine we were on our way to stardom. With Nagz leading the charge and a group of Canadian students joining in it was a really enjoyable experience. We were all a little toasted by about 10pm so we headed to showbiz rooftop bar for some cigarettes and shisha. The music was great and some of the girls decided to take the night to an unknown location probably Mojo bar.

Yangshuo China

Yangshuo KTV superstars

Saturday morning I needed to clear my head a bit after the rice wine.

I woke up good and early about 2p.m. and headed out for a motorbike trip North out of town. On the way I passed some of the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen. It was a steep enough slog and at times I thought my little scooter wouldn’t make it. Winding around the limestone hills and seeing the land being farmed at such steep angles was awesome. Finally we came to a bit of a downhill slope and saw a sign in Chinese.  My passenger insisted we turn back and head up the hill to whatever lay beyond. This road got pretty steep and there was sheer cliffs on one side. Pretty scary but pretty cool at the same time. When we got to the top it turned out to be a tea farm. A place I had heard about but had never visited.

It was so beautiful and the lady even gave us some delicious black tea.

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