Busy month at Omeida Yangshuo

This month has been very busy at Omeida. We have students from all over the world studying with us and there is a great buzz around the academy. Everyone seems to be having a great time and we have had no complaints. The only problem is people coming and going all the time. Great friends are made but its always had to say goodbye. Especially if you made friends helping each other through the culture shock and challenges one faces when they go to a distant country with strange customs and traditions.

On the way down from the TV tower.

On the way down from the TV tower.

They great thing about Yangshuo is there is so much to do. There is great schools that you can volunteer and meet many new friends and obviously great schools where you can learn Chinese. Even in such a laid back town you can get a little stressed but thats not a problem for long. There are some great ways to wind down in Yangshuo. Too many to list in fact but I will try to name a few. Rock climbing is a great way to forget about things and challenge yourself, for when you are hanging off the side of a mountain you don’t have time to think about trivial things. On the way up you might be worried about falling but when you get to the bottom after climbing you instantly feel like you have accomplished something and many people think its the best thing to do in Yangshuo.

Many of our students choose Black Rock climbing Yangshuo as the best company for rock climbing in Yangshuo.

Blackrock Yangshuo

Beautiful Yangshuo

Cycling is a great activity to enjoy in Yangshuo. One might think the hilly landscape would be difficult for cycling but in fact most of the roads are flat and well paved. Its amazing to take a bicycle into the country side and see the mountains and villages up close. remember it can be hot so bring water and suncream and even swimming trunks if you fancy a dip

Yangshuo’s rivers offer an excellent way to relax. whether you enjoy swimming,rafting or just sitting around watching the water flow by you will have a great time. I must remind people to bring friends that can swim if you plan on swimming in Yangshuo.

Study Chinese in Yangshuo at Omeida Chinese Academy 

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