Visit Guilin.

Last weeks some students visited Guilin for a day out. Guilin is great place to take a little break from studying in Yangshuo. While Yangshuo is the more peaceful and scenic of the two, it lacks certain things. Firstly there is no cinema in Yangshuo and definitely no Walmart. The food in Yangshuo is great but Guilin has a nice little food street that has some great tasty treats. Pancakes filled with meat, rice and sauce is one of my favorites another is the clams(correct me if I am wrong) with chili and garlic

Clams from Guilin food street

Clams from Guilin food street

Another reason to visit Guilin is because it is nice. Yes you heard me its nice. Walking around taking the bus is great. Having a stroll down the river is highly recommended. You can have a look at the famous elephant hill.

Nice place to relax by the lake in Guilin

Nice place to relax by the lake in Guilin

My favorite thing to do in Guilin is definitely playing video games. In the center of Guilin there is an underground mall. At one of the entrances there is a video game arcade. This can be great fun and is not too expensive. It is around 2rmb for most games. They have all the best arcade games Ghost Recon, Time Crisis and car racing games etc.. If it starts to rain and you want to have fun for an hour or two get into the games arcade and kill a few zombies, race a Ferrari or just shoot some hoops.




Chinese language courses in Yangshuo



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