XingPing, 9 horses and Awesome views.

Last Sunday I decided to take a ride to XingPing. I had planned to do this with some Omeida students but unfortunately the driving in Yangshuo especially on motor scooters is often dangerous. Let along heading through the winding roads looping around the hills north of Yangshuo. The bus to XingPing from Yangshuo crosses the river Li and takes a direct dusty road straight to its destination. To me the journey is the best part. Well its easy to say that when you are climbing up through the beautiful country side and seeing breathtaking views all around. The roads in the hills north of Yangshuo are very well paved and offer comfortable riding for the most part. If anyone reads this and wants to do this be very careful, these roads often run along unprotected sheer slopes. There are uncountable hairpin turns so make sure you beep your horn as you corner to make sure oncoming vehicles know you are there.

View of the Li river about half way to XingPing

View of the Li river about half way to XingPing

On the way you will pass many viewing points like the one above. These are great for taking a few snaps of the surrounding landscape. Also along the way is Yangshuo tea plantation(signposted as Fairland?) This place has good views and is worth a stop for a cup of tea. They charge admission to the top of the hill. It costs 80rmb and it is basically about 20 meters higher than where the building is. I haven’t yet been compelled to seek out the view.


Great view from the tea plantation

After the tea farm you come to a split in the road. One way to BaiSha and the other goes to 9 horses fresco hill. From here follow the road to 9 horses where you can cross the river by ferry and drive on to XingPing. The air in the hills is really lovely, the cool air up high and the pleasant aroma of fine scented trees. When you get to 9 horses there is a small stone beach. Here you can relax and even go for a dip in the river before you cross over to the XingPing side. XingPing is about 5-10 minutes along this road.

River crossing near XingPing

River crossing near XingPing

After you cross you can head toward XingPing. On the way you will pass the place where the picture on the 20rmb note was drawn. While it is pretty cool to be at a place that is on money its not all that great. In XingPing you can grab some food and head back the direct route or retrace your route through the mountains. Be careful if going the more direct way as there can be trucks and it can get dusty if it is dry. Very dusty.


Chinese language courses in Yangshuo, China

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