Banana sushi and wild beasts in Yangshuo

Straight away I knew my weekend was going to be great. When I awoke on Friday I had a shower and got ready to work. When I left my place I saw a sweet little butterfly chilling in the shade, I said good morning and headed off to work. Work was cool as usual. I came to Yangshuo to do a bit of volunteering and climbing. Unfortunately I am a lazy man and hadn’t done so much climbing so this weekend I decided to dedicate to climbing. My new partner Nicole wanted to go to Baby Frog crag so on Saturday morning we had coffee bought some bread and set off to climb. We didn’t know exactly where to go but some friendly Chinese people pointed us the right way. We chose Baby Frog because there is lots of easy stuff to do which is handy for shaking off the cobwebs. As it turned out Ange from my local climbing wall was the first ascent on one of the climbs which was pretty cool. The weather was nice and overcast so not too hot and we got three nice routes in including a really cool 5.9 but I forget its name.

Yangshuo butterfly

After we the sun stared to break through we decided to head back for a bit of food. We went to Gan’s noodles for some noodles and went home to nap. My nap lasted all of two hours and I went out to Demo bar for some live music. They had three bands altogether and was good fun chilling with a few teachers from Omeida. Nicole had met a climber named Locky from Australia and we decided to head out with Black Rock Yangshuo on Sunday.

We met up at Black Rock at 1pm. Black Rock guide Alex was bringing 3 Chinese tourists to Wine bottle so we all decided to go together. Wine bottle was empty besides 3 climbers and the weather was still cool and over cast. I helped putting up the lines for the tourists while Nicole and Locky got on a route to the right of the main face. It was easy enough but neither of them could get past the crux. So I had a go and failed. I was scared of falling but gave it one more go and got through it. It was a bit of a dirty route so I went back down and we went for another route on the main face. This was pretty cool and I led it with the draws placed and didn’t even fall. All in all I’m really excited to be climbing with Locky and Nicole who are the wild beasts of Yangshuo.

Nicole Beasting a cool route at Wine Bottle

Nicole Beasting a cool route at Wine Bottle

After this I went home for a well deserved shower and chill. After this I went to Yangshuo town and to my horror ran into something I thought was impossible. Banana sushi! My friend Jasmine had ordered it from a sushi place. How disgusting! I tasted it and it actually wasn’t so bad, but fish and banana is definitely something I will only try once.

If you are interested in climbing in Yangshuo check out Black Rock Climbing 


Study Chinese in China with Omeida Chinese Academy



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