Welcome new students from Wuhan

Yesterday five new students from Wuhan came arrived to study at Omeida. Well they were living in Wuhan teaching English, but they are all from the USA. More specifically they are Eric from Kansas,Bonnie from Florida, Laura from Oklahoma, Tami from Tennessee and Kristin from Washington. They have been teaching for one year at different Universities in Wuhan and decided it was time to switch roles and be students for a few weeks. They already have a grasp on the language but while here our teachers will make sure they improve. They chose Yangshuo because of the low cost of living, beautiful scenery and all inclusive package at Omeida.

Lately it seems like we are getting a lot of students from inside of China. I guess as word spreads of our great Chinese programs more and more students will come to Omeida. Check out our blog post outlining reasons to come study in Yangshuo. We have also put together a brief piece about the cost of living in Yangshuo. From Yangshuo you can also visit some amazing places such as XingPing and the Longsheng rice terraces. Check out our blog post on our recent trip to Longsheng.

Check out our website for more info about Omeida.

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