Yangshuo’s first annual Fun Run

The following post is written by Liz Poyner, a current student at Omeida Chinese Academy. She has has been studying with Omeida for the past 4 months after moving to Yangshuo from Singapore.

On a cold and wet Saturday morning, I dragged myself from my warm soft bed for a good cause. Omeida organised a fun run to raise much needed funds for the Jima school. Many underprivileged children from the local Yangshuo area attend the Jima school. The school has only very basic learning materials and access to few high quality resources. It felt great to be contributing to such a worthy cause.


Participants ready to go

Although it was a fun run, I took more notice of the fun part rather than the run part and chose to walk and talk with fellow students who were also taking part. Despite the rainy weather it was still a fun day. We even had the Yangshuo local TV station come to interview some participants and film the winning runner crossing the line!

I hope the fun run continues next year and we can raise even more funds for Jima primary school. Hopefully though we can do it warm and sunny weather!

Jima Primary School

Yangshuo TV

Having fun wandering the streets of Yangshuo

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