Study. Culture. Explore.

Omeida Chinese Academy provides quality Chinese language tuition to students from all over the world offering a bridge into dynamic, historic and utterly engaging China. We are located in the beautiful town of Yangshuo, China where you can experience the Chinese culture and spend your free time exploring the rivers and mountains. Studying with Omeida is not only about learning the Chinese language, but also cultural immersion and exploring one of the most spectacular areas in China.

For those looking to study Chinese in China, Omeida offers Chinese language programs that meet the needs and goals of students at all levels. Our teachers are all university graduates with degrees in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. They are professionally trained in breaking-down Chinese into simple, learnable segments for all skill levels, ages, and learning types; rather than focus on memorization and repetition, our small classes focus on providing an interactive and engaging learning environment.

While studying at Omeida, students are not only learning a language but also a culture. We offer regular cultural activities including Chinese calligraphy, tea culture, Tai Chi, traditional cooking, ink blowing, cultural festival celebrations and more! Our language partner program is also a great opportunity for students to learn about Chinese culture from a native while practising new Chinese language skills.

Yangshuo is a small town pocketed within arguably the most beautiful region in China. The area is scattered with limestone peaks and winding rivers that are a common subject of traditional Chinese ink paintings. Yangshuo is one of the world’s top destinations for rock climbing and is also a popular place for backpacking, mountain biking, and many other outdoor activities. At Omeida, students will often spend their afternoons and weekends out in the countryside enjoying activities such as swimming, barbequing, bamboo rafting, and cycling.

Whether you are joining us for an intensive spoken Chinese program, attending one of our 18-week academic term courses, enjoying a one-on-one tailor-made course, or working together with us in the volunteer program, you will find that Omeida provides the perfect opportunity to be immersed in the Chinese language and culture.
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