Omeida Chinese Academy is the premiere Chinese language center in Yangshuo, China. Since being set up our courses have been a great hit with students from all over the world. When choosing to study Chinese in China there are many things you must take into account. Omeida is the best place to study Chinese. In Yangshuo there is always something to do and interesting people to meet. Our teachers are friendly and professional allowing you to learn Chinese at your own pace in a relaxed but challenging environment. What ever you need we can help. Whether it is a Chinese bank account or the best place to eat dumplings we can help you get accustomed to the good life in Yangshuo.

Learn Chinese in China


At Omeida we begin by training our students the basics in Chinese. If you choose to study Chinese with us you will also learn Chinese writing and the formidable Chinese characters. Learning Chinese does not have to be a difficult experience and with our Chinese courses and student at any level can come and enjoy learning Chinese. Yangshuo provides opportunities for students to practice the Chinese language and become immersed in Chinese culture. All of our teachers have University degrees in teaching Chinese so rest assured you are getting the best tuition in the most beautiful part of China. We teach Chinese tones, Chinese writing and pinyin.

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    • Was great to meet you guys hope the team is still doing will and putting their language to good use. I am still here studying . James

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